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Phoenix Heavy Equipment Towing: A Trip to the Scrap Yard

Phoenix Heavy Towing Experts Handle Complex Excavator Transport

No matter how robust it has been in its operations, every piece of construction equipment inevitably reaches the end of its lifecycle. When that moment finally arrives, a heavy tow is often needed to move it to its final resting place. That’s when we received a call for heavy towing equipment! This time, the job took us to Phoenix, Arizona

A Two-Day Operation 

The heavy equipment operation began with the first excavator, which we successfully lifted using our rotator. This allowed a trailer to back up underneath for transport to the scrap yard. We carefully unloaded the machine there, leaving it for the scrap yard team to dismantle.

The following day presented us with a slightly more complex situation. The second excavator’s claw posed a unique challenge by continuously opening as soon as we lifted it. Our solution was to secure the claw with chains, preventing it from opening and ensuring a smooth continuation of our task.

Located near the Phoenix dump station, the excavators required meticulous handling due to their substantial weight, ranging from 25,000 to 45,000 pounds. Our three-person crew completed the heavy equipment transport within about three hours each day—a great example of how each day as a tow truck operator is unique. No case is like the other. Our team needs to think on their feet and find solutions to move vehicles or heavy equipment on the spot.  

Valley Express Towing Retires Two Excavators 

The transportation of two large excavators to a scrap yard within Phoenix presented a notable heavy equipment towing challenge to our team. 

The Phoenix heavy equipment towing operation started with lifting the first excavator using a rotator, a piece of equipment crucial for its ability to elevate heavy loads sufficiently for trailer placement underneath. This step was executed smoothly, allowing for the subsequent Phoenix heavy equipment towing of the excavator to the scrap yard, which was then unloaded for dismantling. The task reiterated the importance of having access to the right tools and the capability to employ them effectively in Phoenix heavy equipment towing scenarios.

The following day’s Phoenix heavy equipment towing task introduced an unexpected complication with the second excavator: the mechanical claw of the excavator inadvertently opened upon lifting. This issue was promptly addressed by securing the claw with chains, which mitigated the risk and highlighted the adaptability required in Phoenix heavy equipment towing operations. Once resolved, the process proceeded without further incident, demonstrating the value of quick thinking and problem-solving in the Phoenix heavy equipment towing realm.

Situated near the Phoenix dump station, the logistical aspect of moving the excavators, which weighed between 25,000 and 45,000 pounds, demanded meticulous planning and execution. The three-person Phoenix heavy equipment towing crew successfully managed the transport within approximately three hours each day, showcasing the efficiency and coordination essential in Phoenix heavy equipment towing.

This Phoenix heavy equipment towing operation highlighted the technical skills and specialized equipment required to get a job like this done.

Heavy Equipment moving in Phoenix

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For those needing Phoenix heavy equipment towing, Valley Express Towing offers a reliable service backed by years of experience and a fleet capable of handling a wide range of towing requirements. Our dedication to safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction drives us to maintain high standards in every Phoenix heavy equipment towing job we undertake. This ensures we remain a trusted name in Phoenix heavy equipment towing and beyond.

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