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Semi-Truck Decking and Undecking Service

Since 1994, Valley Express Towing & Auto Repair has provided East Valley residents with the highest quality towing services at affordable prices.

Professional Semi Truck Decking and Undecking Service in Phoenix, AZ

Get back on the road faster with Valley Express’ decking and undecking services. The undecking process doesn’t need to be complicated and drawn out. Valley Express does this every day and we know how to do it quickly and efficiently.

We have the equipment and the experience to safely deck or undeck any type of truck. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Our team can also assist with loading and unloading of cargo, cargo storage, and more!

Contact us today to learn more about our Decking and Undecking service. For immediate assistance, call us at (480) 899-4621.

To learn more about our 24/7 Decking & Undecking Service and to speak to a member of our team, call us at

Load Shift Correction

Need help correcting a load shift in Phoenix or Mesa, AZ? Our team of experienced professionals will get you sorted in no time. Our team knows that as a truck driver, sometimes accidents can happen. Whether your load has shifted after grinding to an abrupt halt or you need a quick load swap, Valley Express can get the job done right.

There is good reason wny more businesses choose our expert team. With decades of experience and the best equipment, we are proud to be the go-to load shift correction service in Mesa. If you need a trustworthy and professional crew, look no further than Valley Express! We are here for you rain or shine, night or day!

Interested to learn more about our load transfers, load swaps, and cargo storage? Contact our team now for more information. We are standing by and ready to help!

Need a 24 hour Tow Truck? Call us today!

Affordable Phoenix Forklift Service and Cargo Recovery

Valley Express Towing & Transport doesn’t stop with heavy duty towing services. We know that our customers need a complete solution for all their heavy needs, including their cargo and equipment.

We offer premium cargo services to Mesa, Phoenix, and all surrounding areas.

  • Cargo Hauling
  • Cargo Storage
  • Cargo Load Swaps
  • Forklift Service
  • Cargo Handling
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Steel Plates and Coils

Trailer Recovery Services

Our heavy duty recovery team is often called upon by local law enforcement and fire departments. They know that by choosing Valley Express as their heavy duty recovery operator, they will always get rapid, professional, and efficient service.

  • Hook and Drop (Vehicle Stuck in Mud)
  • Burnt Vehicle Recovery
  • Dirt Bike Recovery
  • Bus Recovery
  • Semi Truck Recovery
  • Trailer Lifting
  • Air Bag & Cushions Equipped
  • Trailer Reconnect Assistance
  • Jackknife Trucks
  • Off-Road Winching
  • Heavy Duty Winching

Heavy Duty Towing Near Me - Heavy Towing Phoenix & Heavy Towing Mesa

Valley Express Towing & Transport is the premier heavy duty towing company in both Phoenix and Mesa, AZ. What makes us the best heavy towing service around?

Our tow truck operators are certified by both the Towing & Recovery Association of America and WreckMaster.

On top of their certifications, our team must undergo continuing education courses every year. This allows us to keep up with the latest trends in the industry in order to continue providing our customers a 5 star experience.

We invest in the latest technology.

This not only makes us more efficient but also increases the safety of our employees and anyone in their vicinity.

We have a truck for every job.

From rotators and heavy wreckers to landolls and forklifts, we’ve got the tools for the heaviest of jobs.

We don’t say no.

If you can’t find a heavy towing company to take on a complex job, it’s because you haven’t called Valley Express Towing & Transport! Our tow truck operators are professional problem solvers and will get the job done right the first time.

Semi Truck Decking and Undecking Service Area

85041, Phoenix, AZ
85009, Phoenix, AZ
85003, Phoenix, AZ
85070, Phoenix, AZ
85001, Phoenix, AZ
85002, Phoenix, AZ
85010, Phoenix, AZ
85011, Phoenix, AZ
85030, Phoenix, AZ
85036, Phoenix, AZ
85038, Phoenix, AZ
85046, Phoenix, AZ
85060, Phoenix, AZ
85062, Phoenix, AZ
85063, Phoenix, AZ
85064, Phoenix, AZ
85066, Phoenix, AZ
85067, Phoenix, AZ
85068, Phoenix, AZ
85069, Phoenix, AZ
85071, Phoenix, AZ
85072, Phoenix, AZ
85073, Phoenix, AZ
85074, Phoenix, AZ
85075, Phoenix, AZ
85076, Phoenix, AZ
85078, Phoenix, AZ
85079, Phoenix, AZ
85080, Phoenix, AZ
85082, Phoenix, AZ
85026, Phoenix, AZ
85004, Phoenix, AZ
85065, Phoenix, AZ
85005, Phoenix, AZ
85040, Phoenix, AZ
85006, Phoenix, AZ
85034, Phoenix, AZ
85042, Phoenix, AZ
85043, Phoenix, AZ
85048, Phoenix, AZ
85015, Phoenix, AZ
85013, Phoenix, AZ
85061, Phoenix, AZ
85017, Phoenix, AZ
85012, Phoenix, AZ
85035, Phoenix, AZ
85031, Phoenix, AZ
85014, Phoenix, AZ
85019, Phoenix, AZ
85008, Phoenix, AZ
85339, Laveen, AZ
85045, Phoenix, AZ
85044, Phoenix, AZ
85016, Phoenix, AZ
85033, Phoenix, AZ
85018, Phoenix, AZ
85287, Tempe, AZ
85301, Glendale, AZ
85311, Glendale, AZ
85312, Glendale, AZ
85318, Glendale, AZ
85282, Tempe, AZ,
85021, Phoenix, AZ
85281, Tempe, AZ
85353, Tolleson, AZ
85283, Tempe, AZ,
85051, Phoenix, AZ
85257, Scottsdale, AZ
85303, Glendale, AZ
85280, Tempe, AZ,
85285, Tempe, AZ,
85020, Phoenix, AZ
85284, Tempe, AZ
85037, Phoenix, AZ
85329, Cashion, AZ
85302, Glendale, AZ
85251, Scottsdale, AZ
85253, Paradise Valley, AZ
85305, Glendale, AZ
85028, Phoenix, AZ
85029, Phoenix, AZ
85392, Avondale, AZ
85202, Mesa, AZ
85039, Phoenix, AZ
85252, Scottsdale, AZ
85261, Scottsdale, AZ
85267, Scottsdale, AZ
85271, Scottsdale, AZ
85304, Glendale, AZ
85250, Scottsdale, AZ
85226, Chandler, AZ
85323, Avondale, AZ
85380, Peoria, AZ
85201, Mesa, AZ
85345, Peoria, AZ
85224, Chandler, AZ
85022, Phoenix, AZ
85307, Glendale, AZ
85023, Phoenix, AZ
85210, Mesa, AZ
85053, Phoenix, AZ
85306, Glendale, AZ
85385, Peoria, AZ
85032, Phoenix, AZ
85381, Peoria, AZ
85246, Chandler, AZ
85258, Scottsdale, AZ
85372, Sun City, AZ
85211, Mesa, AZ
85214, Mesa, AZ
85216, Mesa, AZ
85274, Mesa, AZ
85275, Mesa, AZ
85277, Mesa, AZ
85254, Scottsdale, AZ
85376,Sun City West, AZ
85244, Chandler, AZ
85351, Sun City, AZ
85203, Mesa, AZ
85225, Chandler, AZ
85233, Gilbert, AZ,
85363, Youngtown, AZ
85338, Goodyear, AZ
85335, El Mirage, AZ
85395, Goodyear, AZ
85260, Scottsdale, AZ
85027, Phoenix, AZ
85308, Glendale, AZ
85204, Mesa, AZ
85309, Luke Air Force Base, AZ
85382, Peoria, AZ
85299, Gilbert, AZ,
85248, Chandler, AZ
85286, Chandler, AZ
85256, Scottsdale, AZ
85340, Litchfield Park, AZ
85213, Mesa, AZ
85024, Phoenix, AZ
85050, Phoenix, AZ
85054, Phoenix, AZ
85310, Glendale, AZ
85355, Waddell, AZ
85296, Gilbert, AZ
85259, Scottsdale, AZ
85234, Gilbert, AZ
85379, Surprise, AZ
85083, Phoenix, AZ
85295, Gilbert, AZ
85205, Mesa, AZ
85206, Mesa, AZ
85249, Chandler, AZ
85378, Surprise, AZ
85374, Surprise, AZ
85297, Gilbert, AZ
85085, Phoenix, AZ
85375, Sun City West, AZ
85236, Higley, AZ
85388, Surprise, AZ
85138, Pinal, AZ
85255, Scottsdale, AZ
85268, Fountain Hills, AZ
85298, Gilbert, AZ
85269, Fountain Hills, AZ
85383, Peoria, AZ
85266, Scottsdale, AZ
85208, Mesa, AZ
85209, Mesa, AZ
85207, Mesa, AZ
85215, Mesa, AZ
85212, Mesa, AZ
85127, Chandler Heights, AZ
85373, Sun City, AZ
85387, Surprise, AZ
85396, Buckeye, AZ
85377, Carefree, AZ
85327, Cave Creek, AZ
85086, Phoenix, AZ
85331, Cave Creek, AZ
85147, Sacaton, AZ
85120, Apache Junction, AZ
85142, Queen Creek, AZ
85117, Apache Junction, AZ
85178, Apache Junction, AZ
85263, Rio Verde, AZ
85119, Apache Junction, AZ
85172, Stanfield, AZ
85143, San Tan Valley, AZ
85140, San Tan Valley, AZ
85087, New River, AZ
85121, Bapchule, AZ
85343, Palo Verdu, AZ
85361, Wittmann, AZ
85118, Gold Canyon, AZ
85326, Buckeye, AZ
85262, Scottsdale, AZ
85322, Arlington, AZ
85342, Morristown, AZ
85130, Casa Grande, AZ,
85193, Casa Grande, AZ
85190, Tortilla Flat, AZ
85122, Casa Grande, AZ
85194, Casa Grande, AZ
85264, Fort Mcdowell, AZ
85128, Coolidge, AZ
85191, Valley Farms, AZ
85324, Black Canyon City, AZ
85354, Tonopah, AZ
85123, Arizona City, AZ
85358, Wickenburg, AZ
85131, Eloy, AZ
85553, Tonto Basin, AZ
85132, Florence, AZ
85390, Wickenburg, AZ
85173, Superior, AZ
86343,Crown King, AZ
85141, Picacho, AZ
85545, Roosevelt, AZ

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