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Mesa Heavy Equipment Towing at Gateway Airport

Heavy Equipment Transport Success with 60,000-Pound Loader

Recently, Valley Express Towing had the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in Mesa heavy equipment towing. We were called to Mesa Gateway Airport, where we faced an unusual situation: a trailer transporting a 60,000-pound cargo loader from Orlando, Florida, had run into trouble. After a lengthy journey, the driver arrived with three blown tires, turning a standard delivery into an unexpected challenge for the driver.

Our Mesa heavy equipment towing team, armed with a 60-ton rotator and staffed with experienced personnel, was dispatched to the scene. We understood the importance of resolving this issue quickly and efficiently. With two team members working diligently, we safely unloaded the machine in under an hour. Fortunately, the cargo loader was operational, and airport staff could drive it into the airport without further complications.

Handling Mesa heavy equipment towing tasks to move cargo requires a combination of the right tools and experienced personnel. Our 60-ton rotator played a pivotal role in getting this job done. The expertise of our team members ensured the towing process was conducted smoothly and without causing further damage to the heavy cargo.

Navigating a Heavy Load: Valley Express Towing Moves Heavy Equipment

In every towing task, especially with heavy equipment, we aim to provide a solution that ensures safety and efficiency. A recent Mesa heavy equipment towing job at Mesa Gateway Airport allowed us to demonstrate this commitment. 

The challenge began when a trailer hauling a massive 60,000-pound cargo loader from Orlando, Florida, encountered a major issue upon its arrival. The driver, after a long journey, had blown three tires. A situation that could have caused significant delays and logistical nightmares. This is where the Mesa heavy equipment towing skills of Valley Express Towing were called into action.

Equipped with a powerful 60-ton rotator, Valley Express Towing was well-prepared for this Mesa heavy towing task. Time was of the essence, and the Mesa heavy equipment towing company had dispatched two of their most experienced team members to handle the situation. Their objective is to execute the heavy cargo towing operation swiftly and safely.

Demonstrating proficiency in Mesa heavy equipment towing, the Valley Express Towing team worked with precision. They managed to unload the hefty cargo loader in less than an hour. The operation was smooth, and impressively, the cargo loader remained operational despite its arduous journey and the tire blowout.

Once the heavy cargo towing task was completed, the airport staff took over, driving the cargo loader into the airport. This marked a successful conclusion to a potentially complex Mesa heavy equipment towing job.

Cargo moving in Mesa

Heavy Equipment? No Problem!

Our team at Valley Express Towing is ready to assist those needing Mesa heavy equipment towing services. Our recent experience at Mesa Gateway Airport exemplifies our commitment to providing dependable Mesa heavy equipment towing services, regardless of the size or complexity of the task.

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