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Mesa Accident Recovery for Train-Truck Collision

Valley Express Towing Clears Collision Site in Downtown Mesa

Valley Express Towing recently completed a challenging Mesa accident recovery operation downtown. A Valley Metro Train collided with a truck carrying a roll-off dumpster on Main Street. The truck and train blocked the flow of traffic. The incident required immediate attention to clear the site for vehicles to pass and carry on with their commute. 

Accident recovery heavy duty truck

Upon receiving the call, Valley Express Towing quickly mobilized a team of 11, including the Valley Express Towing owner and heavy and light-duty towing managers. They brought essential equipment: a 60-ton rotator, 50-ton heavy wrecker, 35-ton heavy wrecker, and a flatbed equipped with a winch cable. This Mesa accident recovery needed serious effort. 

That’s why the accident also drew a large response team from Valley Metro and first responders: about a hundred engineers and staff from Valley Metro, Mesa Fire Department, Mesa Police Department, and multiple news agencies converged on the scene. Valley Express Towing had to wait for the police to complete their initial investigation before beginning their Mesa accident recovery work.

A Collaborative Clearing Effort

Their first step was safely moving the truck and dumpster away from the train. This allowed them to load the vehicle and transport it to their yard. With one driver handling this task, the rest of the team focused on the train.

Working hand in hand with Valley Metro staff, they cautiously lifted the train and shuffled it inch by inch back towards the tracks. It was a delicate and complicated operation, requiring several adjustments of their trucks. The moment the train was back on track was a moment of cheer for the entire crew and curious bystanders.

Even after the train was re-railed, the team remained on-site to clear the intersection of debris, glass, oil, and damaged parts from the accident. After six hours, the Mesa accident recovery team could call it a day—no small feat. 

Accident recovery downtown Mesa

Behind the Scenes of the Downtown Mesa Accident Recovery Operation

Mesa accident recovery demands expertise, precision, and teamwork, especially of this scale. This particular Mesa accident recovery situation in downtown Mesa was especially challenging: a heavy train and a large truck with a roll-off dumpster right in the heart of the city.

From the moment they received the Mesa accident recovery call, Valley Express Towing was in action mode. The 11-member heavy duty recovery team swiftly deployed their 60-ton rotator, 50-ton, and 35-ton heavy wreckers, and a specialized flatbed. This equipment lineup was crucial for the successful Mesa accident recovery in the crowded urban area of downtown Mesa.

The collaboration with Valley Metro, as well as the Mesa Fire and Police Departments, was a key aspect of this Mesa accident recovery mission. The coordination ensured a safe and efficient operation, aiming to minimize the impact on downtown Mesa’s busy streets.

In Mesa accident recovery situations like this, restoring normalcy to everyone involved is critical. In this case, this meant allowing traffic to flow again and clearing vehicles and debris. The Valley Express Towing team was proud to have worked alongside public servants in this Mesa accident recovery mission. Their staff is already on standby for the next call.  

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