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40th Street Semi Recovery: Securing Safety After Fiery Incident 

A Tense Evening on Loop 202

In our line of work, you are often confronted with difficult situations. A truck crashes and scatters its cargo. Vehicles catching on fire. A car crashing into an accident site. Sometimes, these incidents happen all at once: Late one evening, Valley Express Towing received a distress call that would lead to a challenging and delicate 40th Street semi recovery operation. On Loop 202 near 40th Street, a semi-truck transporting a load of energy drinks had caught on fire. That was definitely an urgent and hazardous situation. Our team had to ensure the safety of all involved when cleaning up the scene with our heavy towing equipment. 


An Energized Operation 

Upon arrival, it was clear that this was no ordinary towing job. The semi was filled to the brim with cans of energy drinks, which had scattered across the roadway, complicating the recovery efforts. Our Valley Express Towing team, comprised of 10 employees, including the owner and heavy and light duty managers, immediately sprang into action.

Equipped with a front-end loader, skid steer, two dump trailers, a Landoll, and a Kayln Seibert trailer, we set about clearing the debris and securing the site. Within 5-6 hours, we removed and were just about to restore normalcy to a major transportation artery.

From Chaos to Order 

A wrong-way crash exacerbated this 40th Street recovery scene, adding to the urgency and complexity of the situation. Yet, our Valley Express team remained focused, clearing up the entire site under pressure. We’re pretty sure we’ll keep thinking about this incident for a while when cracking open a can of energy drink.

40th Street Semi Recovery: Spilled Energy Drinks

We received a call about a semi-truck on fire on Loop 202 near 40th Street. It was our responsibility to handle the 40th Street semi recovery. The truck, filled with energy drinks, presented a challenging scenario. We equipped ourselves with a range of tools for the 40th Street semi recovery, including a front-end loader, skid steer, dump trailers, a Landoll, and a Kayln Seibert trailer.

Fizzing with Action

Our dedicated team for the 40th Street semi recovery included ten professionals, including our owner and the managers of both heavy- and light-duty operations. Working in unison, we swiftly secured the area.

The 40th Street semi recovery entailed more than just relocating a vehicle; it required acute attention due to a serious crash that happened at the same time. 


Valley Express: Always Energy for Vehicle Recoveries

We stand ready if anyone requires assistance, particularly with challenges as significant as this 40th Street semi recovery. This incident illustrates our capacity to manage substantial tasks. Even when several incidents occur on the same site. Whether facing emergencies or standard towing needs, Valley Express Towing offers reliable support. We pride ourselves on our preparedness and ability to bring order to chaos, ensuring roads remain safe for all. Trust us for professional, efficient service during critical moments. 

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