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New Heavy Tow Truck for Trusted Arizona Towing Company

Valley Express Towing & Auto Repair knows the importance of having a reliable fleet of heavy tow trucks. Paired with a professional and experienced crew, the Valley Express team is always standing by and ready to help. With an impressive fleet and an expert team of operators and drivers, it’s no wonder why Valley Express Towing has such a stellar reputation! 

Since 1994, this family owned and run Phoenix towing company has provided its services to individuals and businesses alike. From roadside assistance to heavy duty towing, they have assisted thousands of customers with their heavy tow trucks and towing professionals. With close to 40 years of experience, you can trust that Valley Express can handle all of your towing needs. 

As towing experts, Valley Express takes great pride in purchasing the best heavy tow trucks in the industry. They recently added a JD50/60 Rotator (HDR1000) to their fleet, and are extremely excited about this heavy tow truck’s capabilities. 

JD 50/60 Heavy Tow Truck Capabilities 

The JD 50/60 Rotator has the strongest platform in the industry. Its rotator subframe is specifically built for strength and stability, so you can rest assured that it can handle any towing situation. 

This impressive heavy tow truck has a 360-degree operational load chart and industry-leading scissor-style outriggers with a 191-inch or 220-inch spread. Its unique torsion frame is 10,000,000 RBM and the heavy tow truck has a 3-stage recovery boom. 

heavy tow truck Phoenix

Valley Express takes great pride in having the latest heavy duty vehicles and technology. They invest in the best heavy tow trucks and equipment in order to provide their customers with the best in the industry. In addition, all the operators of their towing vehicles and heavy tow trucks have the professional certifications needed to handle the specialized equipment and technology. 

If you need a heavy tow truck to support your construction crew, you can trust that Valley Express has the heavy tow truck for you. With this new JD 50/60 heavy tow truck, they are confident that they can complete any heavy tow with precision and ease. 

Do You Need A Heavy Tow Truck?

If you need a heavy tow truck in Arizona, call the experts at Valley Express Towing & Auto Repair. With close to 4 decades of experience, you know that you can trust us for your next heavy towing job. Our professional team of heavy towing experts covers Mesa, Phoenix, and Gilbert and we are available for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 

The Valley Express team is extremely pleased with this new heavy tow truck addition to their growing fleet. The JD 50/60 Rotator will surely be put to good use by the experienced and trusted towing company. 

Next time you need a heavy tow truck and an experienced and skilled crew, give Valley Express Towing a call at (480) 899-4621. Our friendly and knowledgeable dispatchers are standing by for you and our heavy tow truck team looks forward to serving you soon! 

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