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Heavy Towing After Regen FAILURE

Heavy Towing Crew Called In After Regen System Failure

The Valley Express Towing crew has helped with thousands of heavy towing jobs in and around Mesa, AZ and they have built a solid following with loyal customers. One of their regular customers recently called in requesting an emergency heavy tow. The team responded to the call and after speaking with the customer, they learned that one of his trucks had a regen system failure. 

Unfortunately, because of the failure, the truck was no longer in working condition. The truck’s engine was derated and this caused the truck to lose ~95% of its power. A properly working regen system was crucial to saving the engine from further damage. Knowing this, the customer realized that he had a limited amount of time to send his truck to the nearest dealership.

In addition, the customer needed to have the truck up and running before the beginning of the week. He called the Valley Express crew because he knew that they would be able to get his truck to the dealership as quickly as possible. Valley Express knows the importance of efficient and prompt services, which is why they are the trusted choice for towing in Mesa. 

The heavy towing company arrived promptly at the location and safely and efficiently towed the truck to the nearby dealership. The customer had a stress-free experience and was relieved to have his truck towed in no time. 

The Valley Express crew successfully completed the job and the customer received his truck early Monday morning. He was extremely pleased to have his regel system and engine up and running and ready for the work week! Big thanks to the quick and professional service of the Valley Express Towing team! Keep up the great work! 

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Details of Heavy Towing Crew Called In After Regen System Failure

A loyal customer in Mesa, AZ recently called the Valley Express Towing team for a heavy towing job. The customer needed a heavy towing crew to help him move his truck from his location to a nearby dealership as soon as possible. 

The heavy towing team left the Valley Express location and quickly headed to the customer. Upon arriving at his location, they assessed the heavy towing situation. The truck had a regen system issue and lost 95% of its power. The heavy towing crew knew that they needed to act quickly in order to save the engine from further damage.  

Working efficiently, the heavy towing crew moved their wrecker towards the front of the disabled tractor. The heavy towing team used a wheel lift and hooked it onto the front axle of the truck, ensuring that the truck was secured and ready to be towed. 

To complete the job, the heavy towing crew towed the truck to the nearby dealership and upon arriving, they unhooked the semi-tractor from their heavy wrecker. Valley Express Towing’s heavy duty towing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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