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Valley Express’ tractor trailer towing team were called in after a truck driver got himself into a bit of a sticky situation. 

At 4 am, things are usually pretty quiet… But not for Valley Express Towing Company. They received their first call of the day before the sun had even risen! A tractor trailer in Phoenix, Arizona had got his back tires stuck in a ditch after attempting a U-turn in a gas station. 

While driving his truck, carrying 40,000 lb of cargo, the driver accidentally missed his turn. Luckily a gas station was just ahead, he pulled in, attempted a U-turn, and it all went wrong! His back tires slipped into a ditch causing the tractor trailer to land at an awkward angle lifting his passenger-side tractor wheels off the ground. Help was needed ASAP.

While this was a stressful time for the driver, the gas station employees had seen it all before! They informed him that a lot of trucks miss that turn, pull into their gas station (which happens to be extremely small), and get stuck. The worst part? Just 2 miles down the road there’s a huge station with more than enough room for tractor trailers of this size!

The driver rang Valley Express Towing Company and informed them of what had happened, despite the time, they were ready for action. They pulled up to the scene with their 25-ton heavy wrecker, and worked to rescue the tractor trailer. 20 minutes, and a lot of rigging later, they were able to safely lift the trailer out of the ditch.

Great job team, let’s hope that turn gets better signposted! 


A tractor trailer towing team received a call from a driver in Phoenix, Arizona. The driver of the tractor trailer had missed his turn and pulled into the nearest gas station to perform a U-turn. However, the driver of the truck underestimated the amount of space he would need and a tractor trailer towing team was quickly needed.

The driver of the truck didn’t have enough space to perform the u-turn and ended up getting his rear wheels stuck in a ditch. The truck landed in an awkward position causing the passenger side tires of the tractor trailer to be lifted in the air. He needed help from a tractor trailer towing team quickly, so the driver of the truck could save his 40,000 lbs of cargo and get back to work. The tractor trailer towing team was immediately dispatched to the customers location.

The tractor trailer towing team got to the scene with their 25-ton heavy wrecker, ready to save the stranded truck from the ditch. At the gas station, the tractor trailer towing team hooked onto the truck at two points. 

After 20 minutes of rigging the tractor trailer towing team began to lift and reposition the truck. Within 30 minutes, the heavy towing team was able to lift the trailer back onto the safety of the road. The driver was then able to pull his tractor trailer forward and continue his journey back to the distribution centre.

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